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Who is ringo starr dating

It was Ringo who was sent to Scotland in 1970 to dissuade Mc Cartney from breaking up the Beatles (Mc Cartney listened, then kicked him out); Ringo whom the others helped out with songs when he started a solo career; and Ringo who had far more rightful claim than Lennon to the angry autobiography of Working Class Hero.

He never returned, signing on as an apprentice pipe fitter by day and practising at night on the drum kit his stepfather, a house painter, had given him - as a child, he had always played the tin drum in the annual Orange Day parades.

Has involved herself in charity work, including the Live Aid connected "Fashion Aid", and "The Rumanian Angel" appeal which was set up with Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono, George and John's widows.

Barbara worked with the "Parents For Safe Food" Campaign.

He has been, by his own admission, a drunk, a wife-beater and an absent father.

His first wife, the wife of his Beatles years, died painfully of leukaemia in January; more recently, his only daughter, Lee, now 24, has had surgery on a brain tumour.

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In 1991, with help from Pattie Boyd (George's ex), she set up a free clinic for addicts called SHARP (Self Help Addiction Recovery Program) in ...