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Riding with the princess through a section of the city known colloquially as "the Gut", Rockefeller was embarrassed.

He later said, "there's no question that the city did not look as I think the Princess thought it was going to".

I hope that this approach will have a couple of benefits.

For example, H&M has a plus size range, even if it is not targeted specifically at older women.

The bad news is that this change isn’t happening fast enough.

From Our 1969 Toys Page This Aerobat looks fun, I must admit I do not remember them but it was shaped like an egg and you used your body weight to make it go, plenty of places to use your hands and weight distribution to make it roll without losing control.

One of the most common complaints that I get when I post a fashion article is that I don’t focus enough on plus size clothes for women our age. Like many – perhaps most – women in our community, I try to stay in shape, but, I am still rounded in all the usual places.

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First, we can expose each other to new plus size clothing options that we may not have previously considered.

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