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Datingblog com

Great Dating Blogs and the Great Dating Blog Awards are designed to showcase the very best expertise in the Dating Industry.

Now the Census 2016 figures give us new insight and shows that there are prime dating ages at different points in the lives of men and women.

In 2016 SEO has changed more than ever before with the prominence of social networks and changes such as the Google Panda update.

Websites need to embrace social media integration and gain 'likes' as well as links.

We often speak with single people and receive emails from them all of the time who feel they are a lost cause to dating.

I’ve been using various apps for a while now, and I’m in the unique position of having used them to meet men and women.

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London is a wondrous, serene place full of charming women so despite my lack of tangible success, I really should not complain. Follow Marcello on Twitter – @Marcello MLondon As part of the Northern Power Women campaign we are introducing a new event NPW Live.