Dating men with overbearing mothers

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These brothas will show you respect, but are typically not as affectionate as men who are practically still attached to their moms like the umbilical cord was never cut. They should walk around with big signs that read: CAUTION!

They might be standoffish at times or struggle with showing you love the way you want them to, but with time, it’s nothing a little TLC can’t iron out. Yes, the men who have strained relationships with their mother’s and the ones who lack respect for their mommas. Let me clear this up a little: I think it’s a well-known fact that many men cheat (come on, let’s be real), but these guys are the worst!

Historically, socially, and anecdotally, we see potential conflict as being between sons and fathers—the youthful interloper and the paterfamilias—beginning with Oedipus (with a special thank you to Freud). When a man tells a woman his life story, he’ll more than likely start by telling you about his father.

‘But there were positive sides to these traumatic experiences, too.

In Difficult Mothers, the Cambridge academic examines the different types of problem mother — controlling, angry, hyper-critical, emotionally unavailable — and explains what can be done to turn her negative influence into a positive one.

‘For most parents and their children, whatever the glitches, scuffles and conflicts, the relationship is largely comforting and supportive,’ she says.

Guys who have no relationship with their mother’s at all, or who have gone periods in their life with no mom around—for whatever reason—are the most fearful of commitment. They have abandonment issues, so they jump from woman to woman like the Super Mario Brothers hopped around on gold blocks.

Just look at Stevie J from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta—he’s a perfect example.

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“You’re not just taking away the ability to think independently, [as parents] you’re telling [teenagers]: ‘Our relationship is going to be hurt if you disagree with me,’” added Oudekerk, who was a psychology research associate at the University of Virginia when these findings were recorded.