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This is not so simple if you don't know multi-threading and needs invocations from the UI back to your thread to avoid that the UI uses data that is already outdated or still being used by the other thread.

You can use it to shift some heavy calculations, for example database access or file searching, to another thread and make the user interface more responsive.Your code has priority over lower functions like updating so when you start loading the images all resource of your thread go to doing so, and the UI will 'frees' and not update since something else (the loading function) is using it.To fix this you need to run your loading function in a new thread and make callbacks to the UI or main thread updating the progressbar.Unfortunately using threads directly can be returndata, passing parameters to the Background Worker, keeping track of progress and cancel the background process while it's running.

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Since we’ll be updating the UI with our progress information, we want each progress update to be raised in the UI context. It is better, though; it’s a bit shorter, and the types definitely have better separation of concerns.

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